At the end of August 2017 we held workshops in Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto to acquaint teachers with our project and entice them to try some of the problems/activities this Fall (or Winter) I their math courses. A total of almost 40 teachers attended the workshops and this year we expect to have projects running in all three locations.

One of our main objectives is to get feedback from teachers who have used these resources, and many folks we have talked to have told us that such feedback would be very helpful to them. We agree and encourage teachers to sign up, give one of the problems a good classroom run and then tell us about their experience. Drop us a line and we'll give you any support you might need and send out a feedback form.

Welcome to Math9-12

Math9-12 is a research-based study designed to bring new life and sophistication to the high-school mathematics curriculum. It is part of the KNAER Mathematical Knowledge Network (MKN), an initiative of the Ontario Ministry hosted by the Fields Institute Centre for Mathematics Education. It receives funding from the Fields Institute and SSHRC. It is staffed by a team of graduate students and researchers with project director Peter Taylor, Queen's Math&Stats. Each project has three interacting phases:

  • curriculum development: work with students and teachers informally or in the classroom.
  • development of teacher resources and student workbooks.
  • classroom research: document the teaching activity and the student experience.
  • The projects are based on the technical material in the Ontario 9-12 curriculum. Considerable attention is paid to the "process" objectives found in the Ontario policy document: mathematical thinking, reasoning, teamwork, communication. Our general approach is inquiry-based, with an emphasis on the analysis and understanding of mathematical structure. The process of designing and building sophisticated structures out of simple components is our interpretation of what is known as computational thinking.