Meeting on Nonlinear Control Theory and its Applications

Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
May 5-6, 2004

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Confirmed attendees

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  1. Veronica Adetola (Queen's)
  2. Ajit Bhand (Queen's)
  3. Mireille Broucke (Toronto)
  4. Wesley Burr (Queen's)
  5. John Chapman (Queen's)
  6. Darryl DeHaan (Queen's)
  7. Meg Gao (Waterloo)
  8. Martin Guay (Queen's)
  9. Elsa Hansen (Queen's)
  10. Ron Hirschorn (Queen's)
  11. Brian Ingalls (Waterloo)
  12. Sehjung Kim (Waterloo)
  13. Gino Labinaz (Queen's)
  14. Andrew Lewis (Queen's)
  15. Zhiyun Lin (Toronto)
  16. Manfredi Maggiore (Toronto)
  17. Joshua Marshall (Toronto)
  18. Jim McLellan (Queen's)
  19. Hannah Michalska (McGill)
  20. Daniel Miller (Waterloo)
  21. Kirsten Morris (Waterloo)
  22. Chris Nielsen (Toronto)
  23. Andrei Titioura (Waterloo)
  24. David Tyner (Queen's)
  25. Julie Vale (Waterloo)
  26. Dmitry Voytsekhovsky (Queen's)
  27. Leonard Vu (Waterloo)


Fourteen rooms have been reserved in the new dormitory on campus. Room arrangements are as had been previously established.

You must book these rooms yourself. Call 613-533-2223 (try to talk to Todd), or email with the following information:

  1. your name (they should have the name of the person with whom you will be sharing a bathroom, but you may wish to double-check);
  2. a credit card, either Visa or Mastercard;
  3. your mailing address and home phone number;
  4. the nights you plan to stay;
  5. the name of the event: "Meeting on Nonlinear Control Theory and its Applications".
Let me know if there are complications.


Getting here by train: There are trains that run fairly regularly between Toronto and Kingston and between Montreal and Kingston. See the VIA Rail Canada website to check schedules and make reservations.

Once you get off the train, get a taxi to take you to "Stuart Street Residence at Queen's." This should suffice for the cab driver. If not, then the address is 194 Stuart Street.

Getting here by car: I assume everyone driving will arrive via Highway 401. Take the exit for Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd. Follow Sir John A. MacDonald almost until you get to the lake, then turn left onto Union Street. (If you end up in the parking lot of the Kingston Penitentiary, then you have gone one block too far.) Drive on Union for several blocks. Turn right onto University Avenue. Drive to the end of University Avenue, then turn right onto Stuart Street. Stuart Street is quite short, so you cannot lose once you have found it. The residence is on your left, and the address is 194 Stuart Street.

I presume you can check in, and they will give you information on parking.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Local information

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