Talk by Farzin Taringoo (McGill)

Time and place: Friday, May 14, 9:30-10:00, 202 Chernoff Hall
Title: Gradient-Geodesic HMP Algorithms and the Optimization of Hybrid Systems (½ hour)
Abstract: This presentation provides algorithms for the optimization of autonomous hybrid systems based on the geometrical properties of switching manifolds. The first and second sections introduce optimal hybrid control systems and the third section deals with the analysis of the Hybrid Maximum Principle (HMP) algorithm introduced in [1]. The HMP algorithm in [1] is then extended to a geometrical algorithm by employing the notion of geodesic curves on switching manifolds. The convergence analysis for the proposed algorithm is based on Lasalle Theory. To reduce the computational burden, a simplified version of the geodesic algorithm is formulated in the local coordinate system of the switching state. Simulation results show a significant improvement in terms of convergence rate and stability compared with the HMP algorithm.

[1] M.S. Shaikh and P.E. Caines. On the Hybrid Optimal Control Problems: Theory and Algorithms. IEEE Trans Automatic Control, Vol. 52, No. 9, pp. 1587-1603, 2007. Corrigendum: Vol. 54. No. 6, June, 2009, p 1428.

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