Title: Experimental and numerical study of forces during oblique impact
Author(s): Andrew D. Lewis and Robert J. Rogers
Detail: Journal of Sound and Vibration 125(3), pages 403-412, 1988
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The forces transmitted during the oblique impact of a sphere with a flat surface have been studied by using experimental and numerical techniques. Trends in the friction coefficient as a function of time, impact velocity and impact angle were observed. During contact the friction coefficient was observed to rise a "plateau" value and then decline to zero as contact is lost. The plateau value was found to be independent of impact velocity and a bilinear function of impact angle. A model is proposed to predict the instantaneous tangential force given the normal force. Such a model will be useful for the simulation of heat exchanger tubes obliquely impacting against support plates.

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Andrew D. Lewis (andrew at mast.queensu.ca)