Title: Kinematic controllability and motion planning for the snakeboard (18 pages)
Author(s): Francesco Bullo and Andrew D. Lewis
Detail: IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation 19(3), pages 494-498, 2003 (IEEE copyright)
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Original manuscript: 2001/12/14
Manuscript last revised: 2004/03/14

Please note that there are typographical errors in the published equations of motion that are corrected in the online version

The snakeboard is shown to be kinematically controllable. Associated with the two decoupling vector fields for the problem, a constrained static nonlinear programming problem is posed whose solutions provide a solution to the problem of steering the snakeboard from a given configuration at rest to a desired configuration at rest. An explicit solution to the problem is provided, and the limitations of this explicit solution are discussed. A few ad hoc solutions to the nonlinear programming problem are also exhibited.

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