Title: Reduction, linearization, and stability of relative equilibria for mechanical systems on Riemannian manifolds (44 pages)
Author(s): Francesco Bullo and Andrew D. Lewis
Detail: Acta Applicandae Mathematicae, 99(1), pages 53-95, 2007
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Original manuscript: 2005/02/17
Manuscript last revised: 2007/08/21

Consider a Riemannian manifold equipped with an infinitesimal isometry. For this setup, a unified treatment is provided, solely in the language of Riemannian geometry, of techniques in reduction, linearization, and stability of relative equilibria. In particular, for mechanical control systems, an explicit characterization is given for the manner in which reduction by an infinitesimal isometry, and linearization along a controlled trajectory ``commute.'' As part of the development, relationships are derived between the Jacobi equation of geodesic variation and concepts from reduction theory, such as the curvature of the mechanical connection and the effective potential. As an application of our techniques, fiber and base stability of relative equilibria are studied. The paper also serves as a tutorial of Riemannian geometric methods applicable in the intersection of mechanics and control theory.

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