Title: Linearisation of tautological control systems (44 pages)
Author(s): Andrew D. Lewis
Detail: Journal of Geometric Mechanics, 8(1), pages 99-138, 2016
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Original manuscript: 2014/02/04
Manuscript last revised: 2016/02/18

The framework of tautological control systems is one where "control" in the usual sense has been eliminated, with the intention of overcoming the issue of feedback-invariance. Here, the linearisation of tautological control systems is described. This linearisation retains the feedback-invariant character of the tautological control system framework and so permits, for example, a well-defined notion of linearisation of a system about an equilibrium point, something which has surprisingly been missing up to now. The linearisations described are of systems, first, and then about reference trajectories and reference flows.

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