Nonlinear Control for Mechanical Systems


  1. Kinematic controllability and decoupled trajectory planning for underactuated mechanical systems, Francesco Bullo and Kevin Lynch.
  2. Optimal control for a simplified hovercraft model, Andrew D. Lewis.
  3. Sharp first-order controllability conditions for affine connection control systems, Ron M. Hirschorn and Andrew D. Lewis.
  4. On mechanical control systems with nonholonomic constraints and symmetries, Francesco Bullo and Milos Zefran.
  5. Further structure in the symmetric and discrete rigid body equations, Peter E. Crouch, Anthony M. Bloch, Jerrold E. Marsden, and Tudor S. Ratiu.
  6. Nonholonomic systems with impact, Patrick Hagerty and Anthony M. Bloch.
  7. The structure of matching control laws, David Auckly and Lev Kapitanski.
  8. Synthetic potentials in the control of mechanical systems, P. S. Krishnaprasad and Fumin Zhang.
  9. Stabilization of mechanical systems with structure-modifying feedback, Naomi E. Leonard and Craig Woolsey.
  10. Matching and stabilization of nonholononmic systems, Dmitry V. Zenkov, Anthony M. Bloch, Naomi E. Leonard, and Jerrold E. Marsden.

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