Andrew D. Lewis's Perl programs

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  1. bibgrep: This Perl script will search a BiBTeX database file for a given string and print the entries which contain the string.
  2. dbtool: This is a search program which searches through a file with delimiters of the form "%%entry". Each entry so delimited is search for a specified string. Entries may be formatted with fields in an HTML-like format.
  3. file-utils: There are some scripts for searching files, changing link names, making string replacements, and that sort of thing. Some of these programs do alter and remove files, so look out!
  4. grader.tgz: This is a program which will compile grades and assign letter grades for a class. It is part of the more general CLASS set up which can be obtained from my TeX macro packages.
  5. histogram: This is a program for making histograms.
  6. library: This is a bunch of Perl scripts I wrote to help me manage my collection of books. It allows, for example, you to send email to the people who have your books on loan. Full documentation.
  7. makesymbolindex.tgz: This package will make a list of symbols for a LaTeX document. The Perl program will process a list to order it as you specify. There is also a LaTeX style file included. Documentation included.
  8. perlnav: This program does various navigation computations.
  9. texgraph: This program uses the pshacks macros to make planar plots. The pshacks flexibility allows you to put axes and labels where and how you want them.

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