Andrew D. Lewis's TeX programs

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  1. citthesis: This is a LaTeX package to make a thesis which conforms to the specification of the graduate office at The California Institute of Technology. Lots of extras and full documentation.
  2. class: This is a package for making your life as a teacher easier. There are LaTeX document class files for assignments, exams, solutions, etc. I also wrote a Perl program, grader, which compiles the grades at the end of the quarter. If used to its full capacity, it eliminates the need to do any sort of computation. There is also a histogram program which displays the grades in a histogram. Everything is documented. This has been newly updated (07/03/97) and is much simpler! (19/08/2008) Beware of the words "recently updated"...
  3. docs: LaTeX packages for making articles and slides. Samples are included so you can see if you like what I do.
  4. mathlib: This is just a bunch of LaTeX macros for doing mathematics. It will likely not match what you need, but you might find some useful widgets here. The best thing is the package for typesetting derivatives.
  5. mytools: This is a bundle of LaTeX packages mainly for float handling and making theorems. A lot of stuff here, some of it useful.
  6. pshacks: This is a LaTeX style file which I use for making simple drawings. It works in a manner similar to the LaTeX picture environment, except the result is PostScript. This allows greater flexibility in what you are able to do. It is kinda like xfig except you don't execute the commands with the mouse, rather you type them. The pluses outweigh the minuses in my opinion. Documented. This requires version v93a/b-97 patch 3 of pstricks.

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