Introduction to Control Systems

Bahman Gharesifard
Winter 2018

Lectures: TBA

Tutorials : TBA


A Mathematical Approach to Classical Control, Andrew D. Lewis, 2003 (copy free to download)

Prerequisite material:
Introductory real analysis and a second course in linear algebra. You will need to contact me for registering in this course, if you have not passed these courses.

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  1. Midterm will be on Monday March 12 at 5:30pm. Location to be announced shortly. The material in Sections 1-4 of the notes will be on the exam, however, there are things we have covered in class that are not in explicitly in the notes, and vice versa, there are parts of the notes that we have not covered. The exam will mainly be from what is covered in class. So, I encourage you to get the lecture notes from someone in case you have missed a lecture.
  2. Note that the schedule of Quiz 3 has changed to accommodate for the midterm exam. Please visit Quiz schedule.
For questions, contact me with bahman at or with 613-533-2441 (I prefer emails)