List of Projects (Optimization Theory and its Applications)

Bahman Gharesifard
Fall 2016

Graduate Students' Projects:


Each of you will have in individual project. Please target a few projects, in case others are also interested in the same project you are interested in.

As a reminder, you will need to submit a report, 5-15 pages, for your project by the 20th of December, the exam date (the reports need to be printed and dropped off at the main office, or my office. I will also need a pdf copy). You also need to give a 25 minutes presentation on the topic. The presentations will be on the last week of classes. You are required to sketch one proof during this time, but you also need to investigate and present one interesting application for your project.

There is a slim possibility that I accept projects outside this list; for this, you have to demonstrate how the project will use the concepts in this course. The suggested topic also has to involve a fundamental topic in optimization. Please let me know if you are interested in suggesting a topic.

You have until Thursday Nov 3rd to send me:

Your top three projects, ranked

I will make the decision based on a combination of your overall rankings, your background, and first come first serve.

Tentative list of projects (this list may change, so please check this page frequently):

  • Project 1: (Submodular optimization and Lovasz extensions),
  • Project 2: (Sum Of Squares convexity), Benjamin Hersey
  • Project 3: (Helly's theorem and applications)
  • Project 4: (Linear Matrix Inequalities in systems and control), Mohammad Jahvani
  • Project 5: (Maximum flow problem),
  • Project 6: (Concave and/or potential games), Daneil Adu Owusu
  • Project 7: (Nesterov accelerated gradient method)
  • Project 8: (Semi-definite programming and interior point algorithms)
  • Project 9: (Fictitious play learning in zero-sum games), Bora Yongacoglu
  • Project 10: (Blackwell's approachability and von Neumann minimax theorem)
  • Project 11: (Online optimization for machine learning),
  • Project 12: (Lloyd Shapley on stochastic games),
  • Project 13: (Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers and regularization), Xin Cheng
  • Project 14: (Ky Fan's minimax theorem)
  • Project 15: (Frank-Wolfe algorithm)
  • Project 16: (Sorting ala isospectral flows)

For questions, contact me with bahman at or with 613-533-2441 (I prefer emails)