David J. Thomson's Students

Positions available: I may have positions available for graduate students beginning in September 2016. The exact nature of the research involved is something that will be negotiated, but could involve statistics, statistical signal processing, time series analysis, etc. Note that my principal interest is in Doctoral students, but I am happy to have students start at the Master's level with the understanding that the end objective is a PhD.

Highly qualified applicants should contact me directly if they are interested. Here are some links of interest:
[Department graduate studies page] [Apply for graduate studies]

Former and current graduate students (roughly chronological):

  1. Alfred J. Weymouth (Universitat Regensburg), MSCE 2004, Low frequency p- and g-modes in GONG data
  2. Scott Amiss, MSc 2004, Estimation of Long-Range Dependence and the Nile River
  3. Andrew MacDonald, MSc 2005, Low Sample Rate Compression of Large Contaminated Data Sets1
  4. Vladimir Bobko, MSc 2005, Shallow-water detection
  5. Alan Ableson (Queen's University), PhD 2006, Inferring Maximum Entropy Classification Models from Data using Frequent Pattern Discovery
  6. Ryan Graham, MSc 2005, The Analysis of Time Series observed from Stochastic Dynamical Systems
  7. Stephen C. Bond, PhD 2006, Three Essays in Financial time series: Modeling starts from the left side 2
  8. Patrick van Kooten (deceased 2013), MSc 2006, A Statistical Analysis of the 5100A Optical Continuum of NGC 5548
  9. Huixia (Claire) He (Bank of Montreal), PhD 2008, Multitaper Higher-Order Spectral Analysis of Nonlinear Multivariate Random Processes
  10. Ben L. Gardiner (Nanometrics Seismological), MSCE 2007, An on-line multiple-observation test for amplifier nonlinearities
  11. German Prieto (Universidad del Rosario), PhD 2007, Improving Earthquake Source Spectrum Estimation using Multitaper Techniques3
  12. Kyle Lepage (Boston University), PhD 2009, Some Advances in the Spectral Analysis of Time Series [thesis]
  13. Ian C. Moore (Center for Global e-Health Innovation), PhD 2009, Forecasting and Nonstationarity of Surgical Demand Services [thesis]
  14. Andrey Pavlov (Everest Clinical), PhD 2010, A New Approach in Survival Analysis with Longitudinal Covariates [thesis]
  15. Azadeh Moghtaderi (Ebay)
    1. MSc 2003, Solar flares and their statistical analysis
    2. PhD 2009, Multitaper Methods for Time-Frequency Spectrum Estimation and Unaliasing of Harmonic Frequencies [thesis]
    3. PDF 2011, MITACS Postdoctoral Fellow
  16. Wesley Burr (Trent University)
    1. MSc 2007, On the Oscillations of Jupiter as Observed by Voyager 2 [thesis]
    2. PhD 2012, Air Pollution and Health: Time Series Tools and Analysis [thesis]
  17. Charlotte Haley (Argonne National Lab)
    1. MSc 2009, Statistical Analysis of Atrial Fibrillation Electrograms
    2. PhD 2014, Nonparametric and Parametric methods for Solar Oscillation Spectra[thesis]
  18. Karim Rahim (Bank of Montreal), PhD 2014, Applications of Multitaper Spectral Analysis to Nonstationary Data
  19. Joshua Pohlkamp-Hart (Apple),
    1. MSc 2010, The Development and Practical Study of a Grey Space Detector for Cognitive Radio
    2. PhD 2015, Spectrum Estimation and Signal Detection of Time Series data
  20. Justin Slater, MSc 2016, Band Selection for Synthetic Lagging (joint with D. Lin, G. Takahara and W. Burr)
  21. Aaron Springford, PhD candidate
  22. Dave Riegert,
    1. MSc 2012, Characterizing the Spectrum of Lake Michigan Water Levels
    2. PhD student
  23. Frank Marshall, PhD Student
  24. Claire Boteler, MASc (joint with T. Day)
  25. Qing Liu, MSc (joint with D. Lin)
  26. Emily Somerset, MSc (joint with D. Lin and G. Takahara)
  27. Sarah Spruin, MSc (joint with W. Jiang)

Former undergraduate summer research assistants:

  1. Lindsay Smith, 2005, QSoRT Project: Radio
  2. Robert Carkner, 2005, QSoRT Project: Mechanical
  3. Ali Al-Dahar, 2006, QSoRT Project: Electrical
  4. Dalia El-Shimy, 2008, QSoRT Project: Management[NSERC USRA]
  5. Joshua Pohlkamp-Hart, 2009, QSoRT Project: Management
  6. Samantha Liner, 2010, QSoRT Project: Management
  7. Dave Riegert, 2011, Data Analysis, Ulysses Project

  1. Degree granted from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
  2. Co-supervised with Lew Thomson, School of Business.
  3. Co-supervised with Frank Vernon III, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD; degree granted by UCSD.

David J. Thomson (djt at mast.queensu.ca)