Research Library

How it works

As many of you might know, Siddhi and I have taken up the gruelling task of archiving all the books surrounding us in the grad lounge. We have numbered the shelves, currently from 1 to 64. You will find a link below to the searchable database containing location and information about these priceless treasures.

The sorting and cataloging have been completed for shelves 1 to 64. We request that everyone observe the following guidelines while borrowing books from these collections.

As for the books borrowed before we started to sort the collections (march 17), you will soon receive an email about returning them so that they can be entered in the database.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The Searchable Index of Documents: Database Interface (SIDDI)

Below is a link to the searchable database (SIDDI) that we set up. Simply enter any term you wish to search for in the "search" field at the top of the page. If you find the book you are looking for, simply look for it on the corresponding shelf. Note that in some cases, the books are not sorted within the shelf.

If you can't find on a shelf a book that appears in the database, you should consult the "Borrowed Books Binder" located on the BOOK-RETURN table to see if it was checked out. If you find irregularities or incorrect information in the database, please let me know.

Again, let me stress that you should return the book to the BOOK-RETURN table near Shelf 1. once you are done with it.

Ok I got it. Take me to SIDDI