Queen's Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2004
Monday 2:30pm - 3:30pm in 422 Jeffery Hall

Schedule of Talks:

Date Speaker Title
September 13 Alastair Craw
(Stony Brook University)
Polyhedral geometry of McKay quiver representations
September 20 Roya Beheshti-Zavareh
(Queen's University)
Lines on Projective Hypersurfaces
September 27 Juan Migliore
(University of Notre Dame)
Hilbert functions and points in uniform position
October 4 Gregor Kemper
(Technische Universität München)
Separating Invariants
October 11 Thanksgiving
no seminar
October 18 Yuly Billig
(Carleton University)
Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and magnetic hydrodynamics with asymmetric stress tensor
October 25 Mike Roth
(Queen's University)
A conjecture in nonmodular invariant theory
November 1 Alistair Savage
(University of Toronto)
Quiver Varieties and Representation Theory
3:30 - 4:30 in 225 Jeffery Hall
November 8 Kevin Purbhoo
(The Fields Institute)
Generalizing the Horn recursion
Postponed due to illness
November 15 Alexandru Ghitza
(McGill University)
Geometry of modular forms (mod p)
November 22 Gregg Zuckerman
(Yale University)
Construction of simple modules via cohomological induction
November 29 David Wehlau
(RMC & Queen's)
Polarization and Separating Invariants

For more information, please contact Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth or Greg Smith.

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Schedules for other semesters: Winter 2005

updated: 15 December 2004
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