Queen's Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2005
Monday 4:45pm - 5:45pm in 319 Jeffery Hall

Schedule of Talks:

Date Speaker Title
September 12 Milena Hering
(University of Michigan)
Syzygies of toric varieties
September 21
  at 3:30pm
V. S. Varadaragan
Unitary representations and the imprimitivity theorem for super Lie groups
September 26 Tom Graber
Towards a quantum McKay correspondence
October 3 Alexander Elashvili
(Georgian Academy of Sciences)
October 10 Thanksgiving
no seminar
October 17 William Traves
(US Naval Academy)
Counting conics
October 24 Hadi Salmasian
(Queen's University)
Singular Unitary Representations of Exceptional Groups
October 31 Megumi Harada
(University of Toronto)
The K-theory of symplectic quotients
November 7 Antonio Laface
(Queen's University)
Generalized (-1)-curves
November 14 Iryna Kashuba
(Université de Montréal)
Representation type of Jordan algebras
November 21 Roya Beheshti-Zavareh
(Queen's University)
Rational surfaces on smooth hypersurfaces
November 28 Tommaso de Fernex
(University of Utah)
Stringy Chern classes of singular algebraic varieties

For more information, please contact Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth or Greg Smith.

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updated: 14 November 2005
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