Welcome to Project Math10

A summer program of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

July 5 to July 8, Tuesday to Friday, 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Jeffery Hall, Queen's University

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We are looking for 48 students in the Kingston area to come and work with us for a 4 day workshop (Tuesday to Friday, July 5-8) on a high school curriculum redevelopment project. The problems and investigations we will be working with are designed for the high school of the future, and in particular, there will be no overlap with the material currently in the curriculum so this will be truly be an enrichment experience. Our best guess it that the workshop will be just right for students who have just completed grade 10 math, but graduates of grade 9 or grade 11 will also find the problems engaging.


An exceptional experience for any
student who enjoys working with
others on good problems.

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