MTHE 237  Differential Equations for Engineering Science

Instructor : Serdar Yuksel
Email  : yuksel -at-
Room 415 Jeffrey, Phone: x32429
Tutorial TA : Tristan Milne (8tm17 -at- / Course Graders : Akin Ogruk (15ao5 -at- and Jeremy Coulson (1jc41 -at-

  Homework Assignments and Solutions



 - [Course Syllabus]                                                                                  

  Handouts and Supplementary Lecture Notes

 - [Lecture Notes] (Please check the date on the cover page for updates)

  Review of Linear Algebra:
 - [Applied Science 174: Linear Algebra Lecture Notes]
  (notes by Dr. Mansouri) 

 - [Maple Assignment]
 - [Maple Tutorial by Prof. Cesar Aguilar]



- Office Hours at 2:30pm-4:30pm on Monday December 7th,
- Midterm time and location: November 5th from 7pm to 9pm, in Stirling A and Stirling B. If your last name begins with a letter from A to H, please go to Stirling A; otherwise to Stirling B.
- Review Session on Sunday, November 1st at 6:30pm in Jeffery 127. Additional office hour on Wednesday, November 4th at 12:30-1:50pm in Jeffery 415.
- There will be no class on October 26th; no tutorials on October 28th and 30th.
- No tutorials during the first week of classes.