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RabbitMath Projects

For many years now we have been developing “enrichment activities” for high school working with “motivated” students in a mixture of grades. The focus has been to develop those mathematical thinking skills that are weak in most of our first-year students at Queen's. My recent work, and the objective of RabbitMath, is to construct some new problems and refocus the best of the old problems to fit particular grade levels in the Ontario curriculum structure.

Thus we have taken the Ontario curriculum documents and slotted each problem in at the right technical level. Working with teachers and graduate students we took these into various classrooms. This was enlightening and we are now ready to document the student and teacher experience in a more formal manner.

Grade 9 Activities

  • Missteaks
  • Advertising
  • Lineup
  • Raptor egg

Grade 10 Activities

  • Neutrinos
  • Grain Elevators
  • Transformations
  • Red ball, blue ball
  • Water tank

Grade 11 Activities

  • Mirrors
  • Trains
  • Recursive thinking
  • Two towns
  • Parabola and rotating line
  • Parabola and circle
  • Roofing
  • Money machine
  • Tire
  • Exponential growth & decay
  • Arithmetic and geometric growth
  • The scholarship problem
  • Circle and spring
  • Tides
  • Music - the magic of 12

Grade 12 Activities

  • Exponential dice
  • Rolling wheel
  • Inverse quartic
  • Jacqueline and the beanstalk
  • Forage and Fly
  • Optimal driving speed
  • 3D graphs
  • The parent game
  • Sinetrack
  • Timmy's- coffee and milk'