Siobhain Broekhoven, Camp Director (BScH, BA, BEd)

A native of Kingston, I have a history of volunteering for fun math events like Pi Day, the Math Olympics, the Math Kangaroo Contest, and this Math Camp for Girls because I want to inspire kids to enjoy math. I have led sessions including exploring i and the complex plane, iterating functions and using a fractal generator in the ILC computer lab to investigate the Mandelbrot Set. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher  (OCT) specializing in mathematics, physics and special education.

Dr. Carly Rozins, MSc (Applied Math) PhD Organizer

Carly is a PhD candidate studying evolutionary game theory under the supervision of Peter Taylor and Troy Day. She studies the evolution of virulence of Marek’s disease using mathematical models. Carly has a passion for education and has been presenting at this math camp for three years. Her sessions have included game theory, unraveling magic tricks and unpacking optimal seed packing with the Fibonacci sequence and coding with robotics. (2016)

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Asia Matthews, MA, PhD

Asia received her BA and MA in (pure) Mathematics and her PhD Candidate in (post secondary) Mathematics Education. Her main pedagogical interest is in the process of thinking mathematically and her favorite kinds of mathematics are algebra, number theory, combinatorics and geometry. She hails from California but has roots growing here in Kingston. She has been involved with the math camp since its beginning 4 years ago as both a presenter and organizer.   (2016)

Past Instructors

Akshaa Vatwani, MSc (Math), Doctoral Candidate 

Akshaa is a second year PHD student working in number theory, with Professor Ram Murty. Number theory includes many classical questions about numbers including those about the distribution of prime numbers and integer solutions to equations. Math Camp 2013 was her very first camp. She spoke about congruence arithmetic (modular arithmetic) which is a simple but different way to view numbers. It is something that is used by all of us everyday without realizing it! Akshaa is traveling this summer (to the Chennai Mathematical Institute in India) but will return to Math Quest in 2015.

Aaron Springford, MRM,  BSc (Hon), Doctoral Candidate

Aaron is a PHD candidate in statistics at Queen’s. In 2013 he led a workshop on the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) which is an important result that has many applications, particularly in the field of statistics. Campers collected their own data using targets and paper helicopters to see the Central Limit Theorem in action. Aaron’s wife, Gwen Eadie (a physicist) also did a session in “The Physics of a Sling Shot” to ready the campers for sling shot construction and target practice.

Gina Hochban, BSc(Hons), MSc

Hi my name is Gina and I studied at Queen’s University for my Master’s of Science in math with a research project in dynamical systems & celestial mechanics and at the University of Regina for my Bachelor of Science Honours in math with the Co-op program. During the summer math camps of 2011 and 2012, my super-awesome workshops were The Bridges of Konigsberg (graph theory), Music and the Mobius Strip (topology), and Scribble Knots (string disentanglement, celtic knots & knot theory).  I've always been a visual person with a pure enjoyment for drawing, visualizing problems, and experiencing science & mathematics in a hands-on way.  The topics I brought to past math camps can be very complex, yet have very accessible aspects that anyone can learn from and enjoy.  I wanted to show the girls from past camps that problem-solving is exciting, and that math is creative and fun!  Mathematical patterns and order emerge from every aspect of our lives, and that fact continually fuels my love and respect for the subject.  When art mixes with math, my jaw drops and my eyes become hypnotized...I just have to know more!  When I'm not math-ing, I love crafting, photography, yoga, cooking, movies, piano, music, and spending time with family and friends.  Happy math-ing!

Rebecca Carrington, BSc (Math & Engineering)
Rebecca graduated from the Mathematics and Engineering program at Queen’s. She led data analysis and computer programming workshops in 2012 and 2013. She taught campers to model their data from ball tossing and slingshot activities using MATLAB and Maple in the Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) computer lab. This workshop introduced the campers to computational methods in mathematics.

Maja-Lisa Thomson,  Camp Founder (2011-2013)

A recently retired Adjunct at Queen’s, Maja-Lisa coordinated the first Queen’s Math Camp for Girls, Explore Mathemagics! with sessions developed and led by Queen’s (female) math graduate and undergraduate students. The theme, Explore Mathemagics! still underpins the goal of the camp. By exploring what often appears to be magic (like the trick for determining if a number is divisible by 3) students discover, by problem solving, the mathematical structures that cause such things to be true.

Johanna Hansen, BSc (Bio Physics), MSc (Biomath)

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Johanna earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia. After graduation, she worked as a Sample Study Specialist and  then  became a Master of Science in Biomath here at Queen’s. She is currently a PhD candidate in the applied math program studying the Evolution of Drug Resistance under the supervision of Professor Troy Day. New to Math Quest in 2014, Johanna taught probability theory with a Texas hold’em poker activity.

Suzanne Findleton, BScH (Math), MSc candidate

Hi, my name is Suzanne but I am also know as Q. I just graduated from Queen’s with a BSc Mathematics (Pure) and a minor in World Language Studies (Mandarin Chinese and Japanese). I am starting a Master’s in pure math at the University of Waterloo in the fall (2014). Although I always enjoyed doing math at school, my love for the subject was kindled by a CMS math camp I attended the summer before grade 10. The camp exposed me to a whole universe of mathematics that I didn’t know existed. I remember, in particular, my 15-year-old-self being completely baffled to find that there is a whole branch of mathematics research dedicated to classifying knots (yes, like the one on your shoe), and that it is useful! My goal this camp is to share with the campers a sense of playfulness in exploring mathematics. My workshops will include mathematical adventures into hair braiding, solving a Rubik’s cube, throwing a frisbee and playing a drum. As one of the newest instructors this year, I am very excited to be joining the Math Quest team.       (2014)

Yuliya Nesterova, BScH (Pure Math), MSc candidate

Yuliya started a math club at her high school while in grade 11. Clocking in over 12 hours of math/physics contests in that year alone: COMC, SIN, the Waterloo contests, Math League, AMC, AIME, and Kangaroo, she highly recommends turning to recreational math to ease the aches of homework. In her last year of high school, she ran the self-designed Gordian Math Contest for grades 11-12 (7 multiple-choice, 5 short answers, 3 long answers; 40 participants). At Queen’s, every year she prepares Pi Day celebrations with Siobhain. She serves on the Departmental Student Council including as co-chair in 2012 and winning best math t-shirt design in 2013. She entered a master’s program in algebraic geometry at Queen’s under the supervision of Professor Mike Roth. (2014 - 2017)

~ “In math if something is easy, we call it boring.” --Linear algebra professor ~

Emilie Wheeler, BSc ( Mathematics), MSc candidate

Emilie is a MSc candidate studying cryptography with David Wehlau. She received her BSc with specialization in mathematics (with co-op option) (et en Français) at the University of Ottawa. 2014 will be her first year participating in the camp, and she looks forward to sharing her passion for math!

Michael Cabral, BScH, MSc, Doctoral Candidate

Evolutionary Game Theory Instructor (Math 339)

Winter 2018, 2019

I studied math and philosophy as an undergraduate at Queen’s and then returned in 2013 for a master’s after traveling and living abroad. I’m currently working on my PhD in mathematical biology and am interested in how population structure affects the evolution of certain behaviours, among other things!  Carly and I have lead several sessions including a paper airplane contest, programing robots and an Amazing Race across our beautiful campus. I designed sessions  exploring symmetries through friezes, graph theory through connected graphs, and our ever popular Escape Rooms that test your problem solving skills. Who knows what is in store this summer!

Tyson Mitchell, BScH,  MSc Candidate

Tyson is studying applied mathematics under the supervision of Tamas Linder and Fady Alajaji.  He joins Math Quest for the first time this year as part of the robotics workshops held at the Integrated Learning Centre. He assisted campers with their boolean operators, loops and “if” statements while helping them to code in RobotC.  Getting a robot to move in a spiral, or trace out a star pattern, or stop as soon as it reaches a floor tile of a darker colour, are all possible when you understand the mathematics of coding.   (2014)

Gwendolyn Eadie, MSc (Physics), Doctoral Candidate

Gwendolyn is a PhD student in the Physics & Astronomy Department at McMaster University.  She completed her MSc in the Physics, Engineering Physics, & Astronomy Department at Queen’s University from 2010-2013, and became involved with math camp during that time. Gwen’s main focus is in astrophysics, but she uses a lot of mathematics and statistics to study and estimate the mass of the Milky Way Galaxy.  She loves teaching math and physics to all ages, and in 2012-2013 was shortlisted for the Christopher Knapper Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance.  That same year she also won the SGPS Teaching Assistant Award.

Asia Zolnierczyk (BScH, BEd, MEd)

International Baccalaureate trained

math, physics, chemistry and biology teacher

I have always loved math, so it is no surprise that I graduated from Queen's University with a major in Mathematics and minor in Chemistry. I completed my B.Ed program at Queen's and am an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) specializing in all the sciences. I have a Master of Education (also from Queen's) and my thesis is exploring the topic of integrating math and science at the high school level.  I am a salsa dance instructor and choreographer and have been so for the past 8 years.  I have a strong passion for sports, specifically soccer, ultimate frisbee, and tennis. I want to design activities for this summer related to these, to dance and to integrating math and science. I am also the lead Chaperone in Residence on the Math Quest team.

Josh Brinkman (BScH, BA, BEd)

I spent 6 years at Queen’s where I studied math, physics, and education. Some of my favourite topics include geometry, applied mathematics, and astronomy/astrophysics. I got involved with Math Quest last year and couldn’t wait to return. I love the passion the instructors have for their topics and watching it shared with the students as they grow. I am hoping to lead a demonstration on standing waves using Ruben’s Tube. In my spare time I love playing sports, reading, and working with my hands. I’m looking forward to Math Quest 2015!

Josee Van Den Hoogen, MSc candidate

I graduated from the Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science program at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, and am now a MSc candidate studying Mathematical  Biology with Dr. Troy Day. This is my first time helping out with Math Quest and I am looking forward to it.    (2015)

Tristan Milne, MSc candidate

I did an undergrad at Queen’s in engineering, and first got inspired to study math when I heard Peter Taylor explain the behaviour of honey bees using partial derivatives. I wanted to be working on math all the time, so I decided to enroll in grad school. Besides learning and teaching math, I like playing piano, reading, and good coffee.             (2015)

Grushenka Ramhota                                                  (2015)

Grushenka is completing her Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Statistics. She attended high school in Mauritius, where she was Head Girl. Grushenka is a member of the Math & Stats Department Student Council; she has helped plan many fun math events like Tea with Profs and Pi Day, co-hosting the Math Jeopardy games on Pi Day and Math Trivia Night. Her co-winning design featured on this year's Math Department t-shirt. She is working towards a degree in Statistics, but is also fascinated by all facets of math; she plans to introduce Math Quest attendees to the beauty of hyperbolic geometry, the ugliness of a falsified proof and the intricacy of code breaking. 

Danitte Kozai

My name is Danitte and I recently completed my undergraduate degree in Computing and Mathematics. I started my Bachelor's of Education this summer with the goal of teaching high school math and computer studies. I am working with Dr. Peter Taylor on some of his research projects for the summer. When he told me about the Math Quest camp for girls, and I immediately wanted to join the fun. When I'm not proving theorems, my interests include basketball, volleyball, and helping out with Queen's orientation week. See you in August!  (2015)

more to come!  

... including 


                     Josh Brinkman, OCT (BScH, BEd)

                                                           (Math & Physics)

Kevser Aktas, Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D. Mathematics (Number Theory) GaziU, Turkey

Dr. Kevser studies integer solutions to diophantine equations, and uses sieve theory to count special numbers. She is involved in math education and special projects including Mathematics For All! a 2014 Erasmus Youth in Action Project bringing students from 7 countries to Turkey using math as a common language. She loves salsa dancing cooking Turkish food for her friends.     (2015)

Kannappan Sampath, B.Math, MSc, PhD Student

I study number theory and try to prove theorems with an eventual goal of understanding the fine structure underlying the integers. Often times, this business leads to estimating sums and integrals involving some very special beasts! In my earlier avatar, I was an undergraduate student at Indian Statistical Institute from where I graduated with B.Math in 2014.

In this camp, we will construct an inclinometer and use it to measure heights of trees, buildings and the mathy

sculptures near Jeffery...           (2015)

Divya Lala (BMath, MSc student)

I studied Physics at the University of Waterloo, but became more interested in the mathematics. This persuaded me to finish my degree in Applied Math. After Waterloo, I came to Queen’s, and started a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering studying fluid dynamics. Again, the math was much more enticing, and from my many years of experience tutoring I decided to make another switch. I am now a Master’s student studying Math Education with a love for all the applications of math. Aside from math, my interests include cooking and baking. (2016, 2017)

Nathalie Ouellette (M.Sc.)

Nathalie obtained her B.Sc. Honours in Physics at McGill University, where she also spent three summers as an undergraduate research assistant working on cosmological simulations and high-redshift galaxy clusters. She then came to Queen’s University, working with Prof. Stéphane Courteau on studying galaxy formation and evolution in the Virgo Cluster by determining galaxy kinematics and stellar populations. She obtained her M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy in 2013, and is now a Ph.D. candidate (she is set to defend at the end of this year). She also ran the Queen’s Observatory for 6 years, where she coordinated the majority of Queen’s astronomy outreach efforts.  (2016)

Sarah Hasnain, BScH, MSc, Doctoral Candidate

Sarah is a PhD student at Queen's studying how zooplankton in lakes and river respond to environmental stress, supervised by Dr(s). Shelley Arnott and Troy Day. She likes to apply statistics and mathematics to understand the processes that affect biodiversity on the planet. She loves anything related to water and the great outdoors! This year, she will be running an hands-on session on scientific hypothesis testing and statistics using live zooplankton.    (2016)

Rian Dewji, BScH, MASt, (Distinction)

I attended Queen's University for my undergraduate degree, where I studied mathematics with a minor in philosophy. My studies at Queen's were broad, and included courses in abstract algebra, analysis, probability, and statistics. I then went on to read pure mathematics at the University of Cambridge as a Masters student, where I focused in probability, statistics, and mathematical finance, and received a degree with distinction. My interests lie in actuarial science and quantitative finance, and I am currently working as an Actuarial Analyst with Collins Barrow Toronto. I am also interested in mathematics education, stemming from my current part-time teaching position with Spirit of Math Schools. (2016)

nota bene: Rian Dewji, ACA, ACIA taught Actuarial Science at the University of Toronto before departing this life in early 2019

Suzanne Findleton, BScH (Math), MMATH

chaperone in residence

Hi, my name is Suzanne but I am also know as Q. I graduated from Queen’s with a BSc Mathematics (Pure) and a minor in World Language Studies (Mandarin Chinese and Japanese) I did my Master’s in pure math at the University of Waterloo. I returned to Queen’s for Project Math10 to innovate mathematics curriculum. My love for mathematics was kindled by a CMS math camp I attended the summer before grade 10. The camp exposed me to a whole universe of mathematics that I didn’t know existed. Now it is my turn to explore and share mathematics with our newest mathletes with Equivalence Classes , Brunnian Links and yoga --my newest qualification. (2016)

Grushenka Ramhota (BScH)                        

Grushenka just completed her Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Statistics. Yay Grush! Her interests lie in statistical inference and experimental designs, math education and game theory. This summer she was involved with Project Math10. She is currently putting the final touches on her newest Math Quest creation: Escape Quest. She, Carly and Mike are gaming it up to test your math skills and thrills. (2016)

Kariane Ouellet (B.Sc, MSc student, B.Ed candidate)

I am a traveller, an eternal student, a caterpillar mathematician, a teacher apprentice, a shameless foodie and I am here because I love maths, and I want to show the world how amazing they are. My CV reads B.Sc from McGill in 2016 (Major in math + minor in education), M.Sc from Queens in math in progress, and B.Ed from Queens that will be .completed in August 2018. I am Dr. Peter Taylors student, and I am focusing my masters project on breaking the stigma and changing the culture around mathematics in Canadian High Schools. I am very excited to get the chance to pass on my love for math to young ladies through Math Quest! (2017)

Hope Yen (BScH, candidate)

I am in my forth year at Queen’s doing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with a minor in mathematics. While in high school I was part of the Mathletes team that went on to win the senior Math Championships in Kingston against several other high schools. At Queen’s I am part of Math Investigations, a program for undergraduate students who wish to learn new problems that will help them in their math related classes. I was extremely excited to become part of the Math Quest team last summer and share my knowledge with incoming participants. This summer I will lead an intro to coding session. (2017, 2018)

Liz Mary Fletcher (BScH, MSc student, )

I just completed my BScH in Physics at Queen’s, and am continuing on to my MSc working on neutrino physics with the SNO+ research group, also at Queen’s. I’m a big advocate of introducing students to the possibility of research early on, so I’m very excited to have the chance to tie in some physics concepts and a little bit of my research into the program! (2017)

Kiraseya Preusser (MASc student)

I completed my Math & Engineering degree at Queen’s in systems and robotics. For my masters I am developing (and evaluating the performance of) an algorithm to send images across the multiple access channel using channel optimized vector quantization. For Math Quest I will introduce the Poisson distribution, the use of modeling to solve real world problems, and the expectation that the answer we get will a good one, but not exact --we expect variance in engineering!


Peter Taylor, Arts ’65 (Queen’s), PhD (Harvard)

Peter has long provided enrichment opportunities for high school students, including Math Explorations every other week in the fall for decades, doing game theory sessions each summer for Shad, and helping establish the Peter Taylor Math Camp Fund that supports Math Quest. He is always willing to share his love of the beauty and structure of mathematics. He is a prof in the Department of Math and Stats and is also cross-appointed to the Dept. of Biology and the Faculty of Education. His area of research is theoretical evolutionary ecology, particularly the evolution of cooperative behaviour. He is a 3M Fellow and past Chair of the Education Committee of the Canadian Mathematical Society, of which he is a Fellow. He has done extensive curriculum writing with the Ontario Ministry of Education, and as preparation for this, he taught two semesters in high school. Currently he is involved in the KNAER Math Knowledge Network with his research Project Math9-12. He unraveled card tricks last summer (2017) for Math Quest, and adaptations of his math problems were used in our Escape Room. This summer he will share some surprising patterns in algebra. (2018)

Maddie Baker, MSc candidate

I completed the Arts & Science program at McMaster, where I was able to explore different disciplines before deciding that math was my favourite. I like using math in interdisciplinary contexts. I am currently working on my Master's in bio-math at Queen's. My research is in the study of Ebola vaccines under the supervision of Dr Peter Taylor. I am very excited for my first Math Quest experience. (2018)

Sandra Cheng, BScH candidate (Physics)

I'm going into my 4th year as a physics student at Queen's, and am looking forward to being a Math Quest instructor!  I've had previous summer research experience in the particle physics research field with SNO+, and this summer, I'm working with ultrafast quantum optics in Prof. James Fraser's lab.  I like to practice martial arts in my spare time, and I like to promote science and how cool it is.  Feel free to ask me anything! (2018)

Hadiya Ma, BScH candidate (Physics)

Hello everyone! I am an undergraduate physics student at Queen’s University in my final year of my Bachelor’s degree. I am very excited to meet and work with the girls at math camp to help nourish their love for mathematics. I enjoy solving problems and exploring interesting subjects in the sciences, particularly surrounding how medicine and physics are interrelated. My 4th year thesis project involves using machine learning to examine trends in

undergraduate physics education, with a particular focus on the female population. In the future I hope to pursue a Masters in Medical Physics. I currently reside in Vancouver, and enjoy learning languages (particularly Arabic), swimming, volleyball, watching tons of tv, and binge reading. (2018)

Kristen Chen, OCT (BScH, BEd)

I studied math at Queen’s and was a varsity athlete, statistics TA, and part of the Math Department Student Council during my

time here. I enjoy encountering new types of problems and sharing my love of math and science. I spent the last bunch of

years teaching high school math and science in Ontario and British Columbia, and have certifications in math, biology, and

chemistry. When I’m not in the classroom, I like to hike and swim. Looking forward to returning to my alma mater this summer at Math Quest 2018!

Abibat Anoba, BScH, candidate (Applied Economics)

I am an international student studying Applied Economics with a mathematics minor.  This is my first summer with Math Quest, but I feel at home already as I see my Math 126 TA Yuliya is part of the Math Quest family, and Mike Cabral will be my Math 339 (Game Theory) teacher next year. I will be on hand as a tutor if you have any questions. Ask me questions!

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Lucy Lu, BScH candidate (physics), teacher candidate

I’m going into 4th year as a Physics major and Math minor at Queen’s University. I’m also a Con-Ed student which means I’m headed for teacher’s college next year and I’m hoping to teach high school physics and math to curious minds like you! You can find me at the University of Toronto this summer as a camp instructor teaching STEM focused activities to grades 3-8. I’m super excited to meet you all at MathQuest this summer! (2018)

Razan Alnakhli (MSc, statistics)

My Bachelor of Science in pure mathematics is from Taibah University, Medinah, Saudi Arabia. While studying for my masters at Queen’s, I became drawn to the field of biostatistics. My interests lie in public health and using statistical models in medical research including the diagnoses of cancers.  I return to Math Quest this summer, this time to teach participants how to begin coding in R, an open source statistical program used by many industries and universities.(2017, 2018)

Kaitlyn Hsu, BScH, teacher candidate (Con Ed)

I am a fourth year Concurrent Education student with a  major in Mathematics and minor in French. I was a teaching assistant at Queen’s in 2017 for Math 225 (Differential Equations) and won the Nellie and Ralph Jeffery Award in Mathematics that same year. I was on the Dean’s List and won the Nan Skelding Scholarship (awarded for academic excellence) in 2016. My session will be on cryptography, the science of making (and breaking!) codes for secure communications.

Charles Molson

I teach Introduction to Statistics (STAT 263) at Queen’s and this summer I will illustrate some of the ideas that drew me towards the field of statistics, the science of interpreting data in order to make good predictions and estimations. 

                         Data = signal + random noise

It’s good to make plans, but make them in pencil, because you never know when you are going to have a life changing experience... statistics!     (2018)