Math 280: Multivariable Calculus

Lectures:   Are in slot 12; Monday 12:30-13:20, Wednesday 11:30-12:20, and Thursday 13:30-14:20, all in Jeff 127.
Tutorials:   Wednesday 12:30-13:20, Thursday 11:30-12:20, in Jeff 118.

Textbook:   Vector Calculus by Miroslav Lovric.

Marking scheme:  
    Homework   10%
    Midterm Exam   30%
    Final Exam   60%
There are 12 homework assignments in the term, and the lowest two grades will be dropped when computing the Homework grade above.

You should be able to check your grades at any time on Web CT. This is also a place where you can discuss course material with other students.

Important Dates:  
Midterm Exam   Thursday Oct. 28, 7:30pm--9:30pm, Bio 1101
Final Exam   Thursday Dec. 9 14:00--17:00, Jock Harty Arena

Handouts:  About the course   .pdf  .ps

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