Math Club

– This Week –

Math club is over for the year.
We will start up again in January 2020.

We hope to see you then!

Welcome to the Math Club home page!

The math club meets once a week in the Winter term, on Thursday evenings for about an hour. It is intended for anyone interested in mathematics, whether they are a math major or not.

At each meeting a speaker will discuss an interesting idea in mathematics. We try to pick topics that can be understood without much background. An ideal topic is one which starts with something simple, and by exploring its twists and turns, leads to something unexpectedly deeper.

The goal is to show mathematics the way that mathematicians see it: a living subject full of deep and intertwining ideas, growing naturally out of our desire to understand the fundamental concepts of space and number.

  Date Topic Speaker
Jan. 24   The primes from analysis Mike Roth
31   Is Bacon Shakespeare? Peter Taylor
Feb. 7   Cluster Algebras Emine Yildirim
14   The Basel Problem M. Ram Murty
28   The one-sentence proof Neha Prabhu
Mar. 7   Some problems in Graph Theory Maria Chudnovsky
14   Gaussian Integers and Sums of Two Squares Richard Gottesman
21   Why 0.499999999992646 does not equal $\frac{1}{2}$ Ivan Dimitrov
28   Pseudorandom number generation and the NSA backdoor Mike Roth
Apr. 4   The irrationality of $\zeta(3)$ Francesco Cellarosi

The meetings are Thursdays in Jeff 118 from 17:30–18:30.

To suggest a topic for the Math Club, or to find out further information, please email Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth, or Greg Smith .

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