in honour of Agnes Herzberg
Friday, September 17, 2004

Invited Speakers

Stephen Lagakos (Harvard)
David Andrews (Toronto)
David Cox (Oxford)

Conference Room, University Club, Queen's University
168 Stuart Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613-533-2846
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11.00am S.W. Lagakos, Harvard University
Title: Estimation of a failure time distribution based on imperfect screening tests, with application to vertical transmission of HIV
Abstract: We consider the estimation of a failure time distribution when the event defining failure cannot be directly observed, but whose occurrence is assessed periodically by an imperfect diagnostic test. The problem is motivated by the desire to estimate the time until vertical transmission of HIV from a mother to her infant, either in utero or via breast-feeding.
12.00pm Lunch

2.30pm D.F. Andrews, University of Toronto
Title: Statistical Inference in Complex Problems: Specifying Real Uncertainty
Abstract: This talk is intended for statisticians and their readers who will be facing real challenges involving complex data. The talk summarizes statistical methods used in recent applied problems, mainly related to health. The methods discussed include multivariate methods, hierarchical models, repeated measure models and general regression methods. A number of guiding principles for data analysis are set out and illustrated by the examples.
3.30pm Tea

4.00pm D. R. Cox, University of Oxford
Title: Some statistical problems and issues
Abstract: Some of the challenges facing statistical science are illustrated with specific examples from a variety of fields.
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