MATH/MTHE 212: Linear Algebra II
Winter 2018

Course Calendar

Homework and solution sets will be posted below:
Homework/Problem set Solutions
Homework 1 Solutions
Homework 2 Solutions
Homework 3 Solutions
Homework 4 Solutions
Homework 5 Solutions
Homework 6 Solutions
Homework 7 Solutions
Homework 8 Solutions
Homework 9 Solutions
Homework 10 Solutions
Homework 11 Solutions

Homework submission guidelines:
Homework will be posted on this page every Monday and due on Wednesday of the following week. Homework will be collected in groups of 4 to 6, assigned by me. Click below to know your homework group:
MTHE 212
MATH 212
Homework must be submitted at the beginning of class on Wednesdays. Homework submitted after class and before Thursday will be graded but attract a penalty of 2 marks on that homework. Homework submitted on Thursday or later will not be graded.
If you find that one or more group members have dropped the course (please do the courtesy of informing someone in your group if you're dropping the course) and you are reduced to three or fewer members in the group, please let me know as soon as possible.

Each homework set consists of three or four problems.

Grading: You will be graded for mathematical accuracy and presentation. This is to encourage good math-writing. In every homework set,1 mark is awarded purely on the basis of presentation and will deducted if the overall presentation of the homework is unsatisfactory. Please write your answers legibly.
Bonus problem: You might see a bonus problem in a homework set. This is an optional problem and will be given credit only if the solution presented is completely correct mathematically and the argument is clearly presented.
This means that you can have your homework score eventually total to more than 15/100 in the final numerical grade calculation, although your final total score cannot exceed 100/100.

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