Research Interest

Research Interest:

  • Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology
  • Publications:

  • On Seminormal Monoid Rings, Winfried Bruns, Ping Li and Tim Romer, Journal of Algebra 302 (2006) 361-386.
  • Bases and Ideal Generators for Projective Monomial Curves, Ping Li, D. Patil and Leslie Roberts, accepted.
  • Cohen-Macaulay and Seminormal Affine Semigroups in Dimension Three, Ping Li and Leslie Roberts, in progress.
  • Thesis - Seminormality and the Cohen-Macaulay Property, 2005, Queen's University
  • A Computer Program, Unpublished notes,

    This program is devoted to supporting research on the cohomological properties of semigroup rings in Commutative Algebra, Especially focusing on non-normal semigroup rings. It is written by using Mathematica and works under the Mathematica environment.

    This program computes the Hilbert basis of a semigroup, the Cohen-Macaulay property of a semigroup ring and the type and socle of a standard simplicial Cohen-Macaulay semigroup ring.

  • Math 126 Workbook, Ping Li, et al, Campus bookstore, Queen's University