Zhanar Berikkyzy, Anton Bernshteyn, Beth Bjorkman, Axel Brandt, Garner Cochran, Joshua Cooper, Wei Gao, Sylvia Hobart, Sogol Jahanbekam, Bill Kay, Lauren Keough, Omid Khormali, Rachel Kirsch, Victor Larsen, Ryan Martin, Brent McKain, Kevin Moss, Mitch Phillipson, Jonathan Rollin, Songling Shan, Heather Smith, Claude Tardif, David Wehlau, Andrew Uzzell, Jennifer Wise, Imed Zaguia

  • (with Cooper) "Asymptotic Density of Zimin Words." Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science 18:3#3, March 2016. [arXiv]
  • (with Cooper) "Bounds on Zimin Word Avoidance." Congressus Numerantium 222:87--95, 2014. [arXiv]
  • "Toward the Combinatorial Limit Theory of Free Words." University of South Carolina Dissertation, August 2015. [arXiv]
  • (with Tardif, Wehlau) "Logical compactness and constraint satisfaction problems." Logical Methods in Computer Science 13:1:1:1--11, 2017. [arXiv]

Under Revision
  • (with Cooper) "Density dichotomy in random words." [arXiv]

  • (with Berikkyzy, Brandt, Jahanbekam, Larsen) "Antimagic Labelings of Weighted Graphs." [arXiv]
  • (with Bernshteyn, Khormali, Martin, Rollin, Shan, Uzzell) "Regular colorings of regular graphs." [arXiv]
  • (with Bjorkman, Cochran, Gao, Keough, Kirsch, Philipson, Smith, Wise) "\(k\)-foldability of words." [arXiv]
  • "A bound on a convexity measure for point sets." [arXiv]

In Preparation
  • (with Berikkyzy, Bjorkman, Hobart, Jahanbekam, Kay, Keough, McKain, Moss, Shan, Smith) "Triangle-distinct graphs."
  • (with Tardif, Wehlau, Zaguia) "Iterated arc graphs." [arXiv]
  • "Graph Domination-Saturation."

  • "Arabic Influence on the Spanish Language." Undergraduate senior research paper, Seattle Pacific University, May 2010. [pdf]
  • "Collatz Generalized." Undergraduate senior research paper, Seattle Pacific University, May 2010. [pdf]

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