Math 328
Real Analysis
Winter 2010


Roland Speicher
Office: Jeffery Hall, Room 506
Telephone: 533-2388
Office hour: Wed 12:30-1:30 and by appointment

Times and Place

The lectures are in Jeffery Hall, Room 116
time slot: 21


I have marked the final exam. If you want to know your result, send me an email. You can take a look on your exam if you come to my office, either by appointment or on Wednesday, May 5, 10am-12noon.


You should have had some introduction to real analysis (dealing with topology and convergence properties of R^n and continuous functions with respect to sup-norm), like Math 281.

In particular, you are expected to have some fluency in the language and methods of mathematics, as, for example, summarized in Chapter 1 of the book of Davidson/Donsig.

Here are also a few handwritten notes by myself on this.


Assignment 1 (due January 21)
Assignment 2 (due February 8)
Assignment 3 (due March 1)
Assignment 4 (due March 23)
Assignment 5 (due April 6)

Topics of Course

Text Materials

No book is required, but the following one is recommended as the the course will be somewhat based on it Another useful book might be:

Marking Scheme

assignments: 50%
midterm: 10%
final exam: 40%