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Applied Stochastic Processes
Fall 1999

Glen Takahara
Office: Jeffery Hall, Room 407
Telephone: 533-2430
E-mail: takahara@glen.mast.queensu.ca

Slot 22: Monday 3:30, Wednesday 2:30, Thursday 4:30, Jeffery Hall 101

For a Postscript version of the syllabus, click here .

Click here for last year's midterm.

Click here for a practice midterm.

Click here for some more practice problems for the midterm.

Click here for the midterm, and here for solutions to the midterm (both in pdf format).

Jeffery Hall 101.
Tutorials are not mandatory, but they can be very useful for working out practice problems for assignments, exams, etc. Click here to see upcoming tutorial times and to see some practice problems. These are not to be turned in but can help you learn the material better and practice for exams. Solutions to these problems can be discussed at the tutorial sessions.

Office Hours
Monday 1:30-2:30, or by appointment


Introduction to Probability Models (6th Edition)
by Sheldon M. Ross (Academic Press)


STAT 251 , an equivalent introductory probability course, or permission of the instructor.

Homework Assignments
There will be 7 homework assignments. These will be posted on this web site (click here to see them). Solutions to the assignments will be put on reserve for 3 hour loan in the Douglas Engineering & Science Library.


Course Outline