Geometry and Representation Theory Seminar

Queen's University

Fall 2018

The seminar is held every Monday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm, in 319 Jeffery Hall.
Date Speaker Title
September 10 Charles Paquette
(Queen's/Royal Military College)
A quiver construction of some subalgebras of asymptotic Hecke algebras
September 17 Tianyuan Xu
Broken lines and the topological ordering of the alternating quiver of type A
September 24 Emine Yildirim
The bounded derived category for cominuscule posets
October 1
Ben Webster
(University of Waterloo/Perimeter Institute)
Representation theory of symplectic singularities
October 15
October 22
October 29 Enrico Carlini
(Politecnico di Torino)
Hadamard product of degenerate subvarieties
November 5 Steven Spallone
(Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)
Spinoriality of orthogonal  representations of reductive groups
November 12 Yin Chen
(Northeast Normal University, China)
On vector invariant fields for finite classical groups
November 19
November 26 Mike Roth
Generating rays for the eigencone (after Belkale and Piers)
December 3 Kaveh Mousavand
\tau-tilting finiteness of special biserial algebras

For more information, please contact Tianyuan Xu.