Our daughter Megan, three weeks old, asked to add 1.5 + 2

  Megan with her Aunt Alice and cousins Sam and Ariel


Megan with her Aunt Ruth and cousin Frisco

  Megan laughing, seven weeks old

The best present we've ever found in our stocking (Christmas '08)

Megan with her grandmother Amelia

Megan with my niece Ariel Abutizer Leutheusser

Megan with her Aunt Christine

Megan in the pink

Megan with her cousin Corgand

Megan with my nephew Tristan

Megan and Mommy

Megan and her cat Sylvester

Megan and Daddy

Megan smiling, seven weeks old

My nephew Abel in his kayak at the cottage    My nephew Abel in his kayak at the cottage

Luca being held by strong hands Frisco's son, Luca, enjoying the park in Kingston.