Colloquia are held on Friday 2:30-3:20pm at Jeffery 234.
Abstract of upcoming colloquium is posted on Weekly Infosheet.
Winter 2014
Date Speaker Host/Contact
January 10
Peter Taylor
Queen's University
Title: Teaching Teachers, and Teaching Math.
Serban Belinschi
Wenyu Jiang
January 17 Federico Galetto
Queen's University
Title: An algorithm for determining actions of semisimple Lie groups
on free resolutions
Serban Belinschi
Wenyu Jiang
January 24 Ivan Dimitrov
Queen's University
Title: Integrable weight modules of gl(\infty)
Serban Belinschi
Wenyu Jiang
January 31 Imed Zaquia
Royal Military College of Canada
Title: Balanced pairs in partially ordered sets
David Wehlau
February 7 Michael McIsaac
Queen's University
Title: Efficient Two-Phase Sampling Designs and Statistical Analysis of Data
with Missing Covariates
Wenyu Jiang
February 14 Boris Levit
Queen's University
Title: On optimal elliptic approximation of random data
Serban Belinschi
Wenyu Jiang
February 28    Mike Roth
Queen's University
Title: Roth’s theorem for arbitrary varieties
Wenyu Jiang
March 7 Manfred Kolster
McMaster University
Title: Special values of zeta-functions and motivic cohomology
Ram Murty
March 14 Mohamed Ali Belabbas
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: Stability of Sparse Systems: Theory and Algorithms
Abdol-Reza Mansouri
March 21 Jeff Boyd
Queen's University
Title: Modeling and Analysis of Axial Orientation Data in R3
David Thomson
March 28 Asia Matthews
Queen's University
Title: Thinking mathematically and mathematics problems in undergraduate education
Glen Takahara
April 4 Chris Brav
Institute for Advanced Study
Mike Roth