Math 839  Topics in Control: Information and Control (Fall 2008)

Instructor:  Serdar Yüksel (yuksel(at], Office: 415 Jeffrey, Phone: x32429,

This course will be a reading seminar/course. Depending on the enrollment, we will either have regular meetings or the instructor will be meeting with students working on a common problem separately due to the large variety of the topics. Students will either submit a precisely written report on a paper/theme or provide original research results which they will present at the end of the semester. The presentation should be accessible by  the control and communications / applied mathematics
graduate students.

Please contact the instructor if you have any questions.

A few topics of interest:

Team Decision Theory
Control under Communication Constraints
Information Theory with Feedback
Decentralized Stabilization and Optimization
Consensus and Agreement

For other topics that you might be interested in, please arrange a meeting with the instructor.

An incomplete list of representative papers to allow you to browse the literature is given below :

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and other papers of interest.