Departmental Colloquium: Friday 14:30-15:20 (Jeffery Hall 234)

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title Host
2011-09-16  Zouheir Mansourati (TELUS)  Challenges and Opportunities in a Hyper-connected Universe
Ram Murty
2011-09-23  Jung-Jo Lee (Yonsei University,
South Korea)
 Conjectures on the ranks of elliptic curves
Ram Murty
2011-09-30  Ramarathnam Venkatesan (Microsoft Research)  Random Continued Fractions and new attacks on small exponent RSA Ram Murty
2011-10-07  Andrei Akhmetzhanov (McMaster Univ.)  Using the method of characteristics in nonzero-sum differential games
Troy Day
2011-10-14  Jeffrey Rosenthal (Univ. Toronto)  Adapting Metropolis and Gibbs Samplers
Serdar Yuksel
2011-10-21  Robert M. Gray (Stanford Univ.)  Faking an IID Gaussian Process with Coin Flips
Tamas Linder
2011-10-28  Jan Foniok (Queen's)  What is a homomorphism duality?                
2011-11-04  Shahla Molahajloo (Queen's)  Diagonalization of Weyl Transforms and Heat Equations for Time-Dependent Hermite Operators

2011-11-11  Ram Murty  The Mathematical Legacy of Srinivasa Ramanujan

2011-11-18  Kai Wang (Univ. Iowa)  An application of the proportional odds model to genetic association studies
Paul Peng
 Mihai Popa (Queen's)  Non-Commutative Functions and Some of Their Applications in Free Probability                                                        
 Luca Chiantini (Universita' di Siena) On the Geometry of Tensors
Tony Geramita

Winter 2012

Date Speaker Title Host
2012-01-13  Troy Day  (Queen's)  What is wrong with evolutionary theory and how might it be fixed?                      

2012-01-20  [Special Colloquium] Serban Belinschi (University of Saskatchewan)                   
 (Non)commutative probability through an analyst's lens                                            
[Special Colloquium: @15:30]
Ke Zhang (University of Toronto)
 Instability in nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems  

2012-01-27 [Special Colloquium] Oleg Makarenkov
(Imperial College London)
 Bifurcations in nonsmooth dynamical systems  
2012-01-31 [Special Colloquium: @15:30]
Pinhas Grossman  (IMPA)
 Quantum subgroups of exotic fusion categories                                                                                                                 

2012-02-10  Man Wah Wong (York University)   Spectral Theory and Number Theory of the Twisted Bi-Laplacian
Abdol-Reza Mansouri
2012-02-17  Ilijas Farah (York University)  Classification problems in mathematics
Jamie Mingo
2012-03-02  Philip Candelas (University of Oxford)  The Impact of String Theory on Mathematics
Mike Roth       
2012-03-09  Nuno Martins (University of Maryland)  
 New Convex Parametrizations for the Design of Sparsity Constrained Controllers Serdar Yuksel 
2012-03-16  David J. Thomson  A Communications Engineer Looks at Climate Data
2012-03-23  Minyi Huang (Carleton University)  Decentralized Control in Mean Field Stochastic Systems
Serdar Yuksel
2012-03-30  Manfred Kolster (McMaster)
 Special values of zeta-functions
Ram Murty