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General information:
The Biennial Meeting on Systems and Control Theory has become a major recurring scientific activity for researchers and graduate students in control theory in Ontario and Quebec, as well as for those in nearby academic institutions. The first such meeting was held in May 2004 at Queen's University with subsequent meetings at Toronto and Waterloo, then rotating between these three institutions. These meetings have proven to be an effective and enjoyable way of sharing research ideas with colleagues geographically near to one another. In its initial stages, these meetings were populated primarily by faculty and students affiliated with the three host universities and focused mostly on non-linear control theory. Subsequently, the coverage has expanded to include many other areas of control theory and applications, and the attendance has also broadened and has included affiliates of most universities in Ontario and Quebec, and a number of US universities.

This meeting is generously supported by the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and also by Office of Research Services at Queen's University.

picture of group

Local committee:
For questions, please contact any of the local committee members:

Bahman Gharesifard, Andrew Lewis, Abdol-Reza Mansouri, Serdar Yuksel

Confirmed participants:
Abdelkader Abdessameud (Lakehead), Sepideh Afshar (Waterloo), Mohammad Afshari (McGill), Mojtaba Ahmadi, (Carleton), Jalal Arabneydi (McGill), Soulaimane Berkane (Lakehead), Stanislav Bochkarev (Waterloo), Mireille Broucke (Toronto), Peter Caines (McGill), Jhelum Chakravorty (McGill), Edward Davison (Toronto), Nicholas Destounis (McGill), Mohammad Edaletzadeh (Waterloo), Dena Firoozi (McGill), Shuang Gao (McGill), Martin Guay ( Queen's), Connor Holmes (Toronto), Minyi Huang (Carleton), Saber Jafarpour (Queen's), Sina Jahadi (Toronto), Jerome Le Ny (Polytechnique), Robert Kipka (Queen's), Zach Kroeze (Toronto), Hamed Layeghi (McGill), Jun Liu (Waterloo), Zhongjie Lin (Toronto), Hugh Liu (Toronto), Ryan MacDonald (Waterloo), Aditya Mahajan (McGill), Ebrahim Moradi (Waterloo), Christopher Nielsen (Waterloo), Ali Pakniyat (McGill), Ilia Polushin (Western), Sasi Prabhakaran Viswanathan (Syracuse), Ashton Roza (Toronto), Farzad Salehisadaghiani (Toronto), Rabih Salhab (Polytechnique), Amit Sanyal (Syracuse), Luca Scardovi (Toronto), Xiaoqi Shi (Toronto), John Simpson (Waterloo), Stephen Smith (Waterloo), Adam Sniderman (Toronto), Abdelhamid Tayebi (Lakehead), Anastasiia Usova (Western), Mario Vukosavljev (Toronto), Tian Xia (Queen's), Qingrui Zhang (Toronto), Drew Steeves (Queen's), Jeremy Coulson (Queen's), Pouya Rezaeinia (Queen's), Mikhail Hayhoe (Queen's), Jonny Briggs (Queen's), Judith Ebegbulem (Queen's), Hussain Al Ramadan (Queen's), Sebastien Skoko (Queen's), Isaac Vandermeulen (Queen's), Samuel Peter (Queen's), Ethan Katz (Queen's) Philip McCarthy (Waterloo), Karen Rudie (Queen's), James Forbes (McGill), Daniel Cleveland (Queen's), Chiedu Mokogwu (Queen's), Ryan Schindeler (Queen's), Mohamed Helwa (Toronto), Emily Korfanty (Trent), Tristan Milne (Queen's), Anton de Ruiter (Ryerson), Edoardo Serpelloni (Toronto), Alireza Mohammadi (Toronto), Xingbo Wang (Toronto), Ryan Caverly (Michigan), Leila Bridgeman (McGill) Hossein Vahid Alizadeh (McGill), Becca Bonham-Carter (Queen's), Michael McCreesh (Queen's), Curtis McDonald (Queen's), Glen Ross (Trent), Thomas Sun (Trent), Mark Weygang (Trent), Carlone Scott (Trent), Kaly Zhang (Trent), Ankai Liu (Trent)