Journal Articles

  1. F.M.G. Magpantay and A.R. Humphries
    Generalised Lyapunov-Razumikhin techniques for scalar state-dependent delay differential equations
    Accepted to Discrete Continuous Dyn. Sys. Ser. S

  2. M. Domenech de Celles, F.M.G. Magpantay, A.A. King and P. Rohani (2018)
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    Vaccine impact in homogeneous and age-structured models
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    The pertussis enigma: reconciling epidemiology, immunology and evolution
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  5. F.M.G. Magpantay, M. Domenech de Celles, P. Rohani and A.A. King (2016)
    Pertussis immunity and epidemiology: mode and duration of vaccine-induced immunity
    Parasitology 143: 835849

  6. R. Judson, F.M.G. Magpantay and 17 more authors (2015)
    Integrated model of chemical perturbations of a biological pathway using 18 in vitro high throughput screening assays for the estrogen receptor
    Toxicological Sciences 148(1): 137--154

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    Avoidable errors in the modeling of outbreaks of emerging pathogens, with special reference to Ebola
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    Stage-structured population systems with temporally periodic delay
    Math. Method. Appl. Sci.

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    Discrete Continuous Dyn. Sys. Ser. A, 32(8): 2701-2727

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Conference papers

  1. F.M.G. Magpantay and N. Kosovalic (2015)
    An age-structured population model with state-dependent delay: Dynamics
    Special Session conference. 12th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems

Journal Letters

  1. M. Domenech de Celles, M. Riolo, F.M.G. Magpantay, P. Rohani and A.A. King (2014)
    Acellular pertussis vaccines and herd immunity: the epidemiological evidence
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 111(7): E716-E717

Papers under review

  1. A.R. Humphries and F.M.G. Magpantay
    Lyapunov-Razumikhin techniques for state-dependent delay differential equations
    Submitted to J. Differential Equations

  2. J.A. Collera and F.M.G. Magpantay
    Dynamics of a stage-structured intraguild predation model