Math 110 — Linear Algebra

This course is an introduction to linear algebra, intended for students who are interested in mathematics. Although there will be a significant amount of computation, the focus is on understanding the ideas, what they mean, and how we know what we know about them.

There will also be an emphasis on learning how to think mathematically, and the process of exploring our initially hazy understanding of a new concept and refining it into clear, concise arguments. In short, we are interested in understanding ideas as completely and throughly as possible, and the course will reflect that goal.

Instructor: Mike Roth           Office Hours: During tutorial sessions
Textbook: Linear Algebra, a modern introduction, by David Poole, fourth edition.

Note: New editions of the book are expensive. Any edition of the book (e.g., an older, cheaper version) would be fine.

Classes (slot 15) Tutorials
  Tues. 12:30–13:30   Wed. 17:30–18:30
  Thurs. 11:30–12:30   Fri. 14:30–15:30
  Fri. 13:30–14:30
All classes are in Kingston 201. All tutorials are in Jeff 201/202.
Grading Scheme
Fall Winter
Homework 30% 30%
In-class exams (two each term) 20% 30%
End-of-term exam 50% 40%

There are twelve homework assignments each term. The lowest two of these twelve grades will be dropped when computing the homework grade for that term.

The final course grade will consist of the average of the final grades from the fall and winter terms. All grades in the course will be computed as numbers, and the final grade (out of 100) will be converted into a Queen's letter grade using the standard conversion.

Important Dates
Fall Winter
First in-class exam Oct. 14 Feb. 9
Second in-class exam Nov. 10 Mar. 16
End of term Exam Dec. 18, 14:00—17:00 Apr. 17, 19:00—22:00
Chernoff Hall Walter Light Hall 205/210