Math 413/813 — Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

Minimum Requirements

Presentations Date Room
Schedule April 16/25 Jeff 422/319

Assessment and Deadlines: Project grades will be computed as follows:

Due Date Element Weight
2019-02-11 Outline 10%
2019-03-25 Rough Draft 10%
2019-04-01 Feedback on other's drafts 10%
2019-04-16/25 Presentation 30%
2019-04-16/25 Feedback on other's presentations 10%
2019-04-25 Final Paper 30%

Comments: By design this assignment is very open-ended. You are strongly encouraged to compute many examples. You are also encouraged to formulate, test, and prove your own conjectures.

Here is some advice on how to present mathematics.

Potential Topics


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