PHILOSOPHY 410/810: Contemporary Indian Philosophy


Indian Philosophy in English, edited by N. Bhushan and J.L. Garfield, Oxford University Press, 2011.
Indian Philosophy, An introduction, by M. Ram Murty, Broadview Press, 2012.
Mahatma Gandhi, The Essential Writings, edited by Judith Brown, Oxford World's Classics, May 2008.


We will cover selected chapters from the Bhusan-Garfield anthology, along with supplemental material from Indian Philosophy, an introduction and the essential writings of Mahatma Gandhi. My review of Bhushan-Garfield can be found here.
The complete works of Vivekananda are available in pdf format here.
The complete works of Sri Aurobindo are available in pdf format here.
The complete works of Rabindranath Tagore are available here.
The complete works of Mahatma Gandhi are available in pdf format here.
The collected works of Krishnamurti are available in pdf format here
The Idealist View of Life by S. Radhakrishnan is here
The Philosophy of Tagore by S. Radhakrishnan is here


1 Term Paper (5-8 pages, double spaced, 12pt font with 1 inch margins) due Oct. 16, 2019 (40%) Theme: Vivekananda/Aurobindo/Tagore
1 Term Project (8-10 pages, double spaced, 12pt font with 1 inch margins) due November 13, 2019. (50%) Theme: Gandhi/Krishnamurti/Radhakrishnan
Class Participation (10%)

Topics for Essay 1

Possible topics for the first essay can be found here.
Chapter 1 of Bhusan-Garfield for essay topic 3: Pandits and Professors: The renaissance of secular India.
Tagore's essay for topic 3: Nationalism.
Aurobindo's essay for topic 6: The Future Poetry
Tagore's essay for topic 7: The Pathway to Mukti

Topics for Essay 2

Possible topics for the second essay can be found here


Lecture 1:Introduction
Slides for Lecture 1
Reading assignment: Chapter 12 of Indian Philosophy: An Introduction. Additional reading: Introduction of Bhushan-Garfield, pp. xiii-xxvii.
Lecture 2:Vivekananda and the Vedanta Philosophy
slides for lecture 2
Reading assignment: Jnana Yoga lectures of Vivekananda from Bhushan-Garfield, pp. 271-322.
Lecture 3: Vivekananda and Maya
slides for lecture 3
Reading assignment: Renaissance in India
Lecture 4: Aurobindo and Integral Yoga
slides for lecture 4
Reading assignment: The Future Poetry
Lecture 5: Aurobindo and Future Poetry
slides for lecture 5
Reading assignment: The Pathway to Mukti and Nationalism.

Lecture 6: Tagore on Mukti
slides for lecture 6
Reading assignment: Einstein-Tagore Conversation and Gandhi-Tagore Letters.

Lecture 7: Tagore: East-West Dialogues/Gandhi and Satyagraha
slides for lecture 7
Reading assignment: Brown, Essential Writings, Introduction and Gandhi's influences, pp. 1-38.

Lecture 8: Gandhi and Satyagraha
slides for lecture 8

Lecture 9: The Meaning of Mahatma Gandhi
slides for lecture 9
Reading assignment: Krishnamurti lectures on Art of Listening - 1 and Art of Listening - 2

Lectures 10 and 11: Nehru and Internationalism / Krishnamurti and Truth
slides for lecture 10
slides for lecture 11

Lecture 12: Radhakrishnan and Comparative Philosophy
slides for lecture 12

Lectures 13 and 14: Ramana Maharshi/Retrospective
Slides for Lecture 13
slides for lecture 14