Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (Projects)

enumerative geometry
Cubic plane curve
Kummer surface
Oscar Zariski
Learn a new theorem related to the course material and communicate it as a written document and via a video presentation.
Minimum Requirements
  • Each student will focus on a different result.
  • The written document will introduce/motivate, correctly state, and prove a theorem. It will also include at least one interesting example, construction, or special case illustrating the theorem. The article will be as self-contained as possible. The new document must be typed, be at most eight pages in length (with one inch margins and a 12pt font), and be available in the PDF format.
  • The video presentation must introduce and state the theorem. It should also include at least one example, construction, or special case illustrating the theorem. This new video must be at most 20 minutes in length and available in a common format such as the MP4 file type.
Project grades will be computed as follows:
Due Date Element Weight
2023.01.27 research 10%
2023.02.09 outline 10%
2023.03.06 draft 10%
2023.03.16 feedback 15%
2023.04.05 paper 30%
2023.04.13 video 25%
Paul R. Halmos and Steven L. Kleiman each provide some suggestions on how to write mathematics. Paul R. Halmos also offers some suggestions about how to talk mathematics.
By design, this project is very open-ended. Students are strongly encouraged to create their own examples. Consider what was the original motivation or historical context for your theorem. Does your theorem have any interesting specializations or important applications?
Potential Topics
The following are natural candidates:
  • Alexander duality — SANTIAGO GUTIERREZ
  • Automatic theorem proving — JOHN ALAJAJI
  • Bernstein theorem — JINGJING MAO
  • Budan-Fourier theorem — COLE GIGLIOTTI
  • Computations in local rings — DOMINIC AUSTRIA
  • Conditional independence models
  • Descartes rule of signs — SUNNIE ZHANG
  • Elliptic curves — GRAYSON PLUMPTON
  • Fröberg theorem
  • Grassmannians
  • Generic initial ideals
  • Going-up theorem — SOPHIA SHEN
  • Gröbner fan
  • Hilbert syzygy theorem — JULIA MCCLELLAN
  • Integer programming — TREVOR SHILLINGTON
  • Invariant theory — ANGUS MCGREGOR
  • Kushnirenko theorem
  • Lexsegment ideals
  • Linear partial differential equations — HOWIE HONG
  • Local-global principle — YUXIAN AN
  • Multivariate polynomial splines — BORIS ZUPANCIC
  • Multivariate resultants — JAMES CONNELLY
  • Newton polytopes — ALEXANDER KAPTY
  • Noether normalization
  • Puiseux series
  • Quillen–Suslin theorem
  • Real nullstellenstaz — XINYI LIANG
  • Sagbi basis
  • Secant varieties
  • Semidefinite programming — ALICE PETROV
  • Solving equations via eigenvectors — CLAIRE VANDESANDE
  • Sums of squares
  • Symmetric polynomials — ALYSSA GREEN
  • Triangulations and toric ideals
  • Universal Gröbner bases
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