Queen's Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Winter 2011
Monday 4:30 - 5:30 in 319 Jeffery Hall

Schedule of Talks:

Date Speaker Title
January 10 Claudiu Raicu
(UC Berkeley)
Affine Toric Equivalence Relations are Effective
January 17 Victor Protsak
(SUNY Oswego)
Noncommutative Linear Algebra and Primitive Ideals
January 24 Stefan Tohaneanu
(University of Western Ontario)
Fitting Points in Hyperplanes
January 31 Hugh Thomas
(University of New Brunswick)
Faithfulness of Braid Group Actions on Derived Categories
February 7 Tomoo Matsumura
(Cornell University)
Hamiltonian Torus Actions on Orbifolds
February 14 Mark Colarusso
(Université Laval)
Linear and nonlinear Gelfand-Zeitlin integrable systems
February 21 Reading week
no seminar
February 28 Milen Yakimov
(Louisiana State University)
Quantum Nilpotent Algebras and Schubert Cells
March 7 Valdemar Tsanov
(Queen's University)
Automorphic Cusp Forms and Cuspidal Singularities
March 14 Pi Day Celebrations
no seminar
March 21  
no seminar
March 28 Sam Payne
(Yale University)
Nonarchimedean Geometry, Tropicalization, and Metrics on Curves
April 4 Jerzy Weyman
(Northeastern University)
The Structure of the Resolutions of Length Three

For more information, please contact Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth or Greg Smith.

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Schedules for other semesters: Fall 2010, Fall 2011

updated: 21 March 2011
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