Math 310 — Group Theory About Lectures OnQ

We have a natural asthetic attraction to symmetry — works of art, architecture, and objects in the natural world seem more beautiful when they are symmetric. We also use symmetry in a practical way: the symmetry of a problem often lets us reduce the work in analyzing it.

Groups are the mathematical way we encode symmetry, from symmetry in the physical world around us to symmetry in mathematical structures. Like the idea which it incarnates, the theory of groups is beautiful, elegant, powerful, and incredibly useful.

This course is an introduction to the theory of groups, intended for students in Mathematics and Physics, and anyone with and enthusiasm for mathematics. We will study the abstract structure of groups, their appearances as physical and mathematical symmetries, their actions, and their applications.

Instructor: Mike Roth
Office Hours: TBA
Textbook: Groups and Symmetry, by M. A. Armstrong, published by Springer-Verlag

Classes (slot 5)
  Tue. 9:30–10:30   Thurs. 8:30–9:30   Fri. 10:30–11:30
  All classes are in Jeff 115.

Grading Scheme
Homework 25%
Midterm 25%
Final 50%

There are twelve homework assignments during the semester. The lowest two of these twelve grades will be dropped when computing the homework grade for the course.

Important Dates

Midterm  Nov. 1  18:30—20:30  Jeff 118

Final Dec. 14  9:00—12:00  Walter Light Hall