Algebra and Geometry Seminar

Fall 2023

Time: Monday, 16:30 - 17:30 (EST)
Place: Room 422, Jeffery Hall

Date Speaker Title
December 4 Ray Maresca (Brandeis University) On the relationship between t-structures and exceptional collections over hereditary algebras
November 27 Manal Alzahrani (University of Ottawa) Polynomial-like Behaviour of the Faithful Dimension of p-Groups
November 20
November 13 Nicole Kitt (University of Waterloo) Characterization of Cofree Representations of SLn × SLm
November 6 David Wehlau (Royal Military College & Queen's University) Pascal’s Hexagrammum Mysticum: Solving a 400-Year-Old Geometry Problem
October 30 Gregory G. Smith (Queen’s University) Sums of squares on surfaces
October 23 Thomas Barthelmé (Queen's University) Group actions on bifoliated planes and classification of Anosov flows
October 16 Khoa Nguyen (Queen's University) Simple modules through differential operator presentations of sl(n+1)
October 9 Thanksgiving Day
October 2 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
September 25 Tianyuan Xu (Haverford College) 2-roots for simply laced Weyl groups
September 18 Charles Paquette (Royal Military College & Queen's University) The study of bricks in representation theory, and how they arose from cluster algebras
September 11 Sasha Zotine (Queen's University) Computing Higher Direct Images of Toric Morphisms