Modeling Structured Populations

This workshop will bring together researchers working on the field of structured population ecology with expertise in one or more of the following three focuses of the workshop:

  1. Mathematical analysis of structured population models
  2. Perspectives from ecology
  3. Computational methods and statistical inference
This workshop is funded by the Fields Institute, the Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution, the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society and Queen's University.

Apply to participate Schedule

  • Queen's University
  • Kingston Waterfront. Photo: Greg Black
  • Lake Opinicon, Queen's University Bio Station. Photo: Janet Greenhorn
  • Biodiversity Centre, Queen's University Bio Station. Photo: Janet Greenhorn


Talks will be held at the Queen's University School of Medicine building (Room 032A, 15 Arch St.). The June 27 poster session and dinner reception will be held at the Biosciences Complex atrium (116 Barrie St).

The June 28 social excursion and dinner will be held at the Queen's University Biological Station (QUBS), a 50-minute drive from campus. A school bus to QUBS will depart from McNeill House at 1pm and the Residence Inn at 1:15pm to go to QUBS. The bus will leave QUBS at 9pm to return to Kingston.

Program Highlights


Odo Diekmann
Utrecht University, Netherlands

Invited talks

Speaker Institution
Julien Arino University of Manitoba, Canada
Cherie Briggs Univ. of California Santa Barbara, USA
Ottar Bjornstad Penn State University, USA
Aaron King University of Michigan, USA
Nicole Mideo University of Toronto, Canada
Pejman Rohani University of Georgia, USA
Andrea Pugliese University of Trento, Italy
Helen Wearing University of New Mexico, USA
Jianhong Wu York University, Canada


Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are invited to present posters at this workshop. There will be a prize for the best poster presentation.