Putnam Practice Sessions

Putnam problem of the day

Welcome to the Putnam practice web page! Each week there are two sessions: one devoted to a particular theme, and one devoted to specific problems. The ''problems'' session is more advanced (i.e., more is assumed) than the theme session. Both sessions meet simultaneously, Thursday in Jeff 101 from approximately 17:30–18:30.

Each practice session will consist of a short lecture on a chosen topic (induction, pigeon hole principle, …) followed by sample problems on the topic. The problems will vary in difficulty from relatively straightforward to actual diabolical Putnam exam problems. A handout for each topic will be posted prior to the meeting and you're encouraged to look at it and try some problems before the meeting.

While the theme section is aimed mainly at first year students, and the problems one at Putnam veterans, everyone is free to pick which session to attend.

If you have suggestions for topics or want to subscribe the the mailing list, please email Greg Smith, or Mike Roth.

  Date Theme
Sept. 27   Pigeonhole principle  
Oct. 4 Arithmetic mod n  
11 Binomial identities  
18 Inequalities  
25 Polynomials  
Nov. 1 Calculus  
8 Counting  
15 Sequences and Series  
22 Matrices  
29 Potpourri  
Dec. 1

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